vineri, 30 aprilie 2010

ToDo organizer software

We have started the development of Efigio Personal Organizer for personal use and because the development process did not implied to much work and costs we have decided to make it public as a freeware application.

During the time we have gathered the feedback received from users and we have decided to created another product Efigio ToDo Organizer and add those requested features. And since this product was not made for us anymore we have decided to make it public as shareware. The price is just something symbolic compared to the price of other related products on the market but it is a small reward for our work.

What features are added?

•Posibility to Open/Save/Close multiple files
•Improved printing support
•Export in iCalendar .ics and Excel .xls format
•Copy/Paste integration with .txt and Excel .xls files
•Added the notion of percent completion
•Added time reminder mechanism (not just date)
•Added "remind later" action
•Possibility to show/hide columns
•Fast ToDo creation directly from system tray (even if application is minimized)
•Remember column width, position and visibility from last run

Why Efigio ToDo Organizer?

It's easy to use and it's designed for you from your own feedback.

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